Ancient Timbuktu votes today amid need for healing, mud-plastering

Some 80 percent of the towns authorities have yet to return, and even when they do return it is unclear what work they can find. We need better schools and health care. Jobs for the youth and infrastructure, but first and foremost we need peace, says Fatoumata Diakite, a Timbuktu inhabitant. Patching up cracks, both physical and mental Fundamentally, there are other, less visible but equally pressing problems, including a breakdown in the actual fabric of Malian society. In Timbuktu, the need to restore the citys feeling of amity and civility is tied up with restoring the ancient physical city. Restoring the ancient mausoleums or tombs, for example, is seen as part of patching up cracks created and widened between people by the armed groups.
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Healing garden offers tranquil place for grieving

Healing Tucson: I like the idea of encouraging folks to provide foster placement for treatment of bruises these animals. Its kind of like taking a pet for a test drive before making a permanent commitment to adopt the animal. Ill bet that a lot of these pet-sitters eventually end up adopting their charges. Steve K: Probably so However there is absolutely no obligation to adopt an animal that you provide foster care for. Healing Tucson: Steve, on July 9 you posted a Letter from Steve K which among other things highlights your leading the fight against the state for Home Rule as a major focus during your first term. This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart, particularly in reference to gun control. Can you comment on why the Home Rule issue is so important to both our city and our county? And realistically, what do you see as the prospects for our freeing ourselves from the constant meddling into our affairs by the Phoenix Crowd in the foreseeable future? Steve K: I firmly believe that home rule is essential to any local governmental unit in carrying out its rightful mission of positively engaging citizens in the process of attempting to resolve issues in a manner that best serves the overall community. The city of Tucson has a charter which under the law serves as the equivalent of a constitution. As a charter driven city, our charter contains numerous provisions that cannot legitimately be pre-empted by state law.
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Healing summer foods

peppers, acne, eczema, collagen

These diffuse into the fatty layer of the skin and help protect collagen from damage. This can reduce wrinkles and skin ageing. They can also deliver localised anti-inflammatory activity and may be useful in the fight against eczema and acne. Flavonoids are also beneficial for the health of the blood vessels, making their inner lining more resilient. It’s damage to this lining that helps cause build-up of plaques in the cardiovascular system. TOMATOES These contain two essential antioxidants: vitamin C and lycopene.
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Healing Tucson And Our Nation

But Hoit knew the seeds of that grieving girls vision lay somewhere in the soil of the overgrown backyard. She tackled the projectand got a new job along the way. Hoit became the agencys family bereavement coordinator in January, and as she worked with children, she knew they needed a peaceful place to sort out their emotions. With money from the Duff McDuff Jr. Fund and volunteer help from local landscaper Linda Jensen, Hoit designed a garden that would hold a pond, fish, patios, walkways and soothing plants.
Read full article here: Healing garden offers tranquil place for grieving


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