Everyone Can Benefit From Sound Healing

The healing effects of music proven in tests

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He designed a device he terms a Sound Light Therapy Chair. The design includes two light stripsone facing the front of the body, and the other facing the back of the body. The light strips contain a total of seven colored lights that make a progression upward within the color spectrum to align with the patient’s chakras, or forces of energy within the etheric body. Each light, according to Dr. Mincolla, is vibrationally coordinated with distinct musical notes that correspond with the color of each chakra. “The Sound Light Therapy Chair contains a small synthesizer that produces tones, or sound frequencies.
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The Healing Power of Sound

Adorable Puppy Barks in His Sleep (Video)

These instruments emit on frequencies both inside and outside of the audible spectrum, and with a purity of sound that cannot be matched by technology. This is because all electrical devices are only designed to emit sound in the audible range. Whilst the calming and distracting effects of the music can be translated through speakers, the full effect of the vibrations cannot. This is a very interesting area of research that stirs some interesting questions such as, Are we affected by sounds and vibrations that we cannot hear in music? Are sound vibrations emitted from the earth? And how do they affect us?
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Using the human voice and objects that resonate to stimulate healing (think tuning forks and singing bowls), sound therapy is one of a growing number of subtle-energy therapies that make up the field of vibrational medicine. According to the law of physics, everything vibrates: the chair youre sitting in, the food you eat, the rocks and trees. Whether or not we hear it, everything has a sound, a vibration all its own, writes Joshua Leeds in The Power of Sound (Healing Arts Press, 2001). That sound is called resonance, the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates.
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Sound, healing bowls may have key to wellness

Sound, healing bowls may have key to wellness

She specializes in playing authentic Tibetan instruments, and said that when used properly, You are awakening dormant energies to better balance the wholeness of a person. Mandle has studied primarily Tibetan teachings about energy and sound healing for about the past 20 years, and with that training and experience she can feel how sound affects people and uses it to promote physical and spiritual healing. She has focused her work on Tibetan instruments and Buddhism because she believes that they are the original and most effective tools for sound healing, calling them the real McCoy. Mandle plays her Tibetan singing bowls by rubbing the edges with mallets or striking them gently. She said that as she plays she can sense when energies are awakened and when her instruments indicate that a part of the body is blocked or injured when working with an individual. By playing her instruments and using guided meditations, she helps people find the core issues needing to be addressed to experience physical and spiritual healing.
Read full article here: Sound, healing bowls may have key to wellness


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