Lego Apple Ii: Your Minifig’s First Computer

lego apple ii computer by chris mcveigh powerpig 2

His latest creation is a model of the Apple II . Chris calls it My First Computer (Binary Edition) . It has a couple of neat touches. First are the custom-printed display slopes, which were made by customBricks . The second are the internal components, which you can view by opening up the models computer unit. You can pre-order the models LEGO kit on Chris online shop for $89.50(USD).
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

See epic computer sim re-create the universe – CNET


This ultra-complex computer model uses a kind of “universe in a cube” approach. The model represents an area of space that is almost 350 million light years across, which the scientists say is large enough to be representative of the whole universe, but it also allows users to “zoom in” to check out individual galaxies, right down to a scale as small as just 1,000 light years across. The researchers created over 100,000 lines of code simulating the laws of physics, our understanding of ordinary matter, dark matter, and dark energy and input a snapshot of our universe as it would have appeared just 12 million years after the Big Bang . From that point, they let the simulation run forward over the next 13 billion years — our universe is believed to be about 13.8 billion years old. A team effort Running that entire simulation took computing power of nearly galactic proportions. Had it been run on a single bad credit electronics financing top-of-the-line consumer desktop, it would have taken thousands of actual years to run.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit


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